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View from the East: Change the Channel?

Wow. From the high of winning our first ever Supporter's Shield to....this...

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Not sure if anyone changed the channel or not. Either to the Cowboys or to the World Series, but I'm not ashamed to admit I did. It was a gorgeous, absolutely perfect day to go out and really get away from the massacre that was happening on the television. Brad Friedel was on the mic again with his strange British-but-not-British accent, this time a lot more chill on players not sprinting for 90 minutes. However, his improved commentating was not enough to help me stomach this game...

Hard to Watch

That game was not fun to watch, none of it. In the first half we were getting pelted and almost let in a couple goals without creating much, and then the 2nd half was the wheels coming off before our eyes. The formation was definitely experimental with Oscar Pareja wanting to keep defensive while still being able to go forward without Mauro. It didn't work at all. It was successful at getting me to down more beers than normal though....

Must-Attend Final Game

Whether you get to see a three goal turn around unfold in front of your eyes that sparks a run for the first treble in the history of MLS...Or you see the team give it their all in the final game, and applaud them as they walk off with two trophies that increased our trophy cabinet by about 200%. This team deserves a packed house this Sunday despite the performance this past Sunday. Especially after the beating in Seattle, they'll need our support to rally. Even if they don't rally from three goals down, seeing what this season meant to the fans and seeing that even three goals down we show up to support them will surely inspire them for next season.

And finally, your fan quote of the day: "Just change the channel, I can't handle this soul crushing anymore."

Did you change the channel? Which goal was it that caused you to finally change/turn it off? What exactly was Pareja trying to do here in Seattle? Anyone else going to go to the game on Sunday for a fun game either way? Let me know in the comments below!