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View from the East Stand: A second Landon farewell

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Un-retired Landon Donovan was back in town with the LA Galaxy to say bye.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The nights the past couple of match days have been nothing short of phenomenal. The crowd responded to the near perfect weather and showed up in numbers, which I think was close to a sell out. The draw might've been the fact that American legend Landon Donovan was coming to town for his second farewell tour. What definitely was not advertised though were the football lines on the field that were an eyesore throughout the game. With playoff seeding and a potential trophy on the line, this game was about to get real tense real quick.

Wonderful Crowd!

This is the crowd I think FC Dallas was hoping for on a game by game basis before the beginning of the year. Everyone was very engaged with the match, which they had to be as this ref was just a tad bit biased on the 50 to 1 calls in favor of the Galaxy. There were also the normal contingent of Landon Donovan admirers that came out to see what might be his final final rodeo down here in Dallas. And to think that it's happening during football season instead of before football season!

Foosball? In my soccer stadium?

Speaking of football season, there's other fields they can play football on isn't there? Didn't the Cowboys just build a facility down the street with part of the purpose being hosting football matches? Not trying to start a protest or anything, but there's plenty of fields that can be used instead of the one the league leaders in a top level professional sport are using. End rant.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "Look at that immaculate touch, that blistering pace." -After a Landon Donovan turn over and failure to recover the ball.

Was everyone pleasantly surprised with the crowd turn out on Saturday night? Who else is a little perplexed that they're still using FC Dallas' stadium for football? Anyone not surprised? Let me know in the comments below!