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Workhorse of the Week vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

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All FC Dallas needs is one goal to win. Dominant win at home against a seriously overrated LA side. Come inside and vote for the player performance that exemplified this hard-nosed win.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Chris Seitz for earning a bunch of votes and this past week's Workhorse award. Great performance from the Goal Keeper who could end up being our MVP as this season winds down.

Once again, we had a nervy, playoff-esque game on Saturday night as the Los Angeles Galaxy came to town, looking to shore up their potential position in the playoffs. And really, it wasn't that close. FC Dallas was content with the single goal off of Walker Zimmerman's not so beautiful header to preserve the win, but a suffocating defense and plenty of dangerous runs at LA's inadequate back line made it a really fun game to watch. Even Landon Donovan couldn't help his old squad.

Okay - maybe I'm being a little too hard on LA, because I bet they will mix it up in the playoffs if Dallas has to face them again. Nothing is ever easy against a Bruce Arena squad.

This was a classic Workhorse game. The defense stifled LA. Walker Zimmerman and Matt Hedges (despite one clear mistake that went unpunished) were solid. Atiba Harris and Maynor Figueroa have locked down the outside back spots for good, bringing a veteran's touch in with their athleticism. The offense also clicked pretty well, though I was grateful some of the missed opportunities did not come back to bite them.

Once FCD went up a goal, Pareja and co were comfortable locking things down.

I have to give my nod to Maxi Urruti once again for his tireless, high energy workrate that kept LA Galaxy off kilter throughout the night. Even though he did not get a goal, he exemplified a Workhorse in this one.

Who would you nominate? Cast your vote and comment below.

- I'm curious though. What did you think about Tesho Akindele getting the start? I know Pareja sees lots of potential matchup problems with Tesho's size, athleticism, and knack for grabbing big goals. But he also can seem out of his league, as he did against LA. His first touch often lets him down, and he can't quite get the passing skill down to keep up with Diaz and Gruezo. He seems better as that high energy sub, but I know this must be a challenge for Pareja as we go down the stretch. Who to start across from Barrios?

- See the attached photo this post. How was that not a red?