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Big D Daily: News for Monday, October 31, 2016

Boy that was ugly last night.

MLS: Conference Semifinals-FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It won’t get any easier for FC Dallas as they are now in a large hole after the first leg.

// FC Dallas //

FCD struggles in playoff loss | Big D Soccer

It wasn’t even just the ten minute stretch that saw Seattle score the three goals. There just wasn’t enough moving forward in the attack to even give Dallas a shot at this game.

Second leg time set for FCD-SEA |

Once again we will get the late game on the day.

Pareja: Sounders were just much better than FCD |

One team looked like they wanted to sit back and defend for 90, while the other took it to the opposition. I don’t fault Oscar Pareja for the defensive look to his lineup but maybe it was just a bit too defensive.

Morris slashes out wide for Seattle |

The second Seattle figured out how to go wide against Dallas with pace, the game was their’s.

Sounders show Cup credentials |

Dangerous may not even be the right word for Seattle after last night.

Why NYCFC and Dallas fans should be worried |

I was worried when we entered the playoffs but that is another thing. After last night, its going to take a lot to come back from that beating.

These were the eight greatest minutes in Sounders playoff history | Sounder at Heart

I can see why the folks in Seattle might say things like this.

// MLS //

Reviewing Sunday’s first legs |

There was a lot going on yesterday from all the Leslie Jones tweets to the four games. Also that last point on this post about FCD is a solid reminder about how good things have been this year despite last night’s game.

Galaxy are feeling good where they’re at | LAG Confidential

Colorado took a pretty defensive approach to their game in LA as well but it was the Galaxy that got one goal for the win. I kind of think that could be enough to win that series.

Toronto rises above to get big win over NYCFC | Waking the Red

Toronto FC looked like the team from a couple months ago that was beating everyone in their path. I kind of want a TFC team like this in MLS Cup.

Impact take a 1-0 lead to Harrison | Once a Metro

The first game of the day yesterday saw the Red Bulls get upset on the road for their first loss since July 3.