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Big D Daily: News for Monday, October 3, 2016

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FCD has locked up a top seed in the Western Conference.

MLS: LA Galaxy at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

October is already off to a nice start for FC Dallas following their 1-0 win over LA.

// FC Dallas //

FCD moves closer to the Shield with win | Big D Soccer

You could almost say FCD has one hand on the trophy after the win over LA. Still some work left to be done but FCD has at least locked up one of the top two seeds in the West.

Chalkboard: Defense shines in win | Big D Soccer

Bruce Arena called it an ugly game but it was one that showed that this FCD defense can lock a quality attacking team down and force them into a bad night. While the club had three games last week, they all ended in shutouts for the defense.

Communication has been key for rotation | Dallas Morning News

Given all the roster juggling this season by Oscar Pareja, you do have to give some credit to the way this group communicates with one another on the field. And probably a larger credit to the way they relate to one another off the field.

Attendance issues bother FCD front office | Dallas Morning News

Need something to discuss for the next week or so, how about this.

Zimmerman doing well in the attack |

Four goals this season doesn’t sound like a ton but he is a defender after all. Walker Zimmerman has been a monster on set pieces (along with Matt Hedges).

Urruti redefining forward success |

Yes Maxi Urruti isn’t the 15 goal scorer that we had hoped for but what he does bring to the attack is so much more than scoring right now. The way he defends the field really does allow the rest of the team to be in good spots.

FCD showing interest in Bastian Schweinsteiger? |

This one came out over the weekend. Normally I’d give it a couple looks and discuss it here but seeing how the club can’t do anything about this until next January, we’ll hold off a bit on it.

// MLS //

Analyst: NY’s push and more from Week 31 |

Don’t look now but both New York clubs are at the top of the Eastern Conference and not Toronto FC. While I know we have to worry about the Rapids in the Shield race more than anyone else, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a NY team stay around in the end.

Rapids pick up win over Portland to secure playoff spot | Burgundy Wave

Yep, like I said the Rapids are the main team to worry about now. FCD has a five point lead but the Rapids do have two games in hand.

Kinnear staying in San Jose | Center Line Soccer

While I think where MLS is at right now has passed up a guy like Dominic Kinnear, it seems like San Jose is doing their usual thing by holding on a little too long.

Sounders move into fifth after win | Sounder at Heart

Now for the weekly alert about how hot the Seattle Sounders are at the moment.