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Fabian Castillo tells his side of the story

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The Colombian winger didn’t speak with Pareja about the transfer.

MLS: FC Dallas at San Jose Earthquakes Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After months of silence, Fabian Castillo finally told his side of the transfer saga that unfolded this past summer between FC Dallas and Turkish club Trabzonspor. Al Dia Dallas broke the story yesterday and the winger on loan has said that the move could’ve gone over smoothly but that club officials complicated the matter.

This is turning into an unfortunate case of “He said/He said” and things are looking petty, no matter who’s side you’re on.

FC Dallas Technical Director, Fernando Clavijo, has said that the club’s “hands are tied” and were forced to negotiate his loan to Turkey, despite not being ready to do so at that time. Clavijo also stated that the club was ready to help him with his transfer in the winter, after the MLS season was over.

What’s damning though are some of Castillo’s admission to what happened.

“It could have been easy because previously there was an agreement between the clubs, when we first decided not to go to Trabzonspor, but they later came back with the proposal that I wanted and there were many entanglements because then the demands of Trabzonspor were not what [Dallas] wanted. It was a good opportunity for everyone, but FC Dallas did not want it and never wanted to sell.”

In the same breath, Castillo painted with a broad brush that this was a deal that was good for everyone, but simultaneously acknowledged that it wasn’t a deal that Dallas wanted. Perhaps the hypocrisy was lost in translation.

We’ve speculated that Castillo has a bad agent, who’s been feeding him little lies here and there. We don’t know for sure, but it’s pretty telling when during the interview that Castillo claimed that he “has evidence where MLS authorized me to travel”, yet that evidence hasn’t been produced yet. So we’re now caught in a weird situation where the player says the league said he could go, the club says they never gave him permission, so we’re stuck speculating at who the liar is in this drama.

The saddest thing that was revealed in this interview was that Castillo did not talk to Oscar Pareja during any of this. The same man who brought Castillo to Dallas from Colombia and nurtured his talent to getting onto the Colombian national team radar and even housed him when he first moved to the United States. In Castillo’s words, “It was best not to involve him in the transfer.”

Regardless of how the loan ends, whether Trbzonspor will send the remaining $1 million check or ships Castillo back to Frisco, it appears for now that Castillo won’t be rejoining this club in the foreseeable future. I won’t go as far to say “never”, as could anyone believe that Carlos Ruiz would be donning the red hoops again? But for now, things don’t look good and Clavijo will have a very tall task to find new weapons for the offense during the off-season.