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Oscar Pareja has a chat with “Men in Blazers”

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Papi is a pretty big deal these days.

It’s probably been long overdue but Oscar Pareja is starting to get the media coverage that he has so richly deserved. A couple of days ago, Roger Bennett of “Men in Blazers” flew down to Dallas for an exclusive interview with our dearly beloved Papi where they sit and chat over an immense amount of topics, from his commitment to developing his own talent, how he sees the US Soccer landscape and even touched on what it was like to play in that infamous game with Pablo Escobar.

You can catch the interview below or just fire up your favorite podcast player/app and enjoy it as you prep for the Seattle match.

FC Dallas returns to action tomorrow night as they head to Seattle to take on the Sounders in the first leg of the Western Conference semifinals. You can catch the game on FS1 and our game thread here!