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View From the East: The Shield is Ours!

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Bittersweet end to the season. Not exactly the most exciting end to the season, but the tension was there.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

A lazy Sunday afternoon quickly escalated into a high tension 90 minutes on the couch. The weather has been cooling off, but thankfully FC Dallas didn't as they went on the road against LA needing a result to clinch the Supporter's Shield. The commentary team was unfortunately not that great, but the constant goal updates are absolutely incredible and served as a reminder of how boring our game actually was.

Damme that defending

There's no doubt to the quality of the game. It wasn't pretty at all without Mauro Diaz. Just a slow grinding out that occasionally had a spark or two. Part of the reason FC Dallas was reduced to so few chances was freaking Jean Claude Van Damme manning that back line for the Galaxy. There were so many close calls and opportunities for FC Dallas to get in and steal the three points, but every time Jelle Van Damme had to be there. Maxi's chance after passing to himself, I assume on purpose, was the one I remember Van Damme stamping out in top class fashion the best.

Commentators and Goals

Brad Friedel was ridiculously obsessed about both sets of players not pressing and sprinting all 90 minutes. He just couldn't understand why players would be walking on the last game of the season with both teams really just playing not to lose. FC Dallas was down their best player and just needed a point while LA Galaxy were essentially playing their B team + Van Damme. Not sure if Friedel just didn't do his research on the situation of the game or he just thinks every game should be everyone going a million miles an hour.

It was an amazing season though. Possibly would've been more amazing if we had these goal clips throughout the games showing goals from other games though! Where has this capability been? Is this part of MLS Live? I'd purchase MLS Live if they showed goals from other games as they're scored. That was the only respite from the bore of a game we were watching unfortunately.

And finally, your last fan quote of the day: "Calm down Brad, he almost sounds offended when he sees people walking."

Would anyone else be super psyched if they showed every goal from other simultaneously played games on MLS Live or something? Was Brad Friedel right? Should they have been sprinting the entire time? What will you remember most about this season? Let me know in the comments below!