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Social Media Recap: FC Dallas lifts its first Supporter’s Shield

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Two trophies in one season are better than one.

Jon Lorentz

FC Dallas won it’s first-ever Supporters’ Shield and second trophy of the season yesterday with a 0-0 draw with LA Galaxy.

For a club that had only previously won one trophy in its entire history, FC Dallas has already doubled that total during the 2016 season. Re-live the elation that was yesterday afternoon in Carson, CA and back in Texas.

Silverware looks good on you, boys.

Walker already can’t wait to win something else.

Rare company.

Hats off to the away support out in LA.

Fans even came out after midnight to meet and congratulate the players. Props.

Ditto, Carter.

Maybe the best part of last night, the players ran by Mauro Diaz’ home to give him his own personal champagne shower.

(insert heart eyes emoji)

Awesome indeed, Grant.

Kellyn Acosta spoke with a former FC Dallas man after capturing the shield.

He’s our Dan, our Dan with a plan.

Don’t be ashamed, you can wipe those eyes now.