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Big D Daily: News for Monday, October 24, 2016

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The Shield is ours!

MLS: FC Dallas at LA Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season is in the books now as FC Dallas begins work on their MLS Cup playoff run.

// FC Dallas //

FCD draws LA 0-0 to help clinch Shield | Big D Soccer

It wasn’t a pretty game by any stretch but it was just enough for FC Dallas to claim their first Supporters’ Shield on Sunday afternoon in LA.

Shield win gives FCD home field advantage throughout playoffs | Dallas Morning News

One of the best parts of winning the Shield is claiming home field advantage in the playoffs. The further FCD goes, the home field advantage resides with us.

Take them all: We’re not satisfied yet |

Two down. One to go. Now I feel more inclined to talk the treble.

Pareja: The treble is possible |

With the five-game crapshoot that is the MLS Cup Playoffs, anything is possible. But I do think this bunch, even without Mauro Diaz can pull together a five game stretch. The last month or so they’ve proven the path of draw on the road and win at home. You do that in those five games, you will win it all.

Shield means extra to FCD |

I’m thankful the Shield was there in LA to help FCD celebrate yesterday and not in Colorado. It did feel kind of wrong to root for Houston as much as we did yesterday.

Treble within reach for FCD |

No other MLS team has done it but FCD is five games away from something truly historic.

FCD looks to winning MLS Cup | FourFourTwo

Again, two down and one to go. But the playoffs are a hot mess to deal with.

// MLS //

Putting a cap on the 2016 regular season |

Its been a long and hard fought season for sure but there is now the playoffs at hand to deal with starting this Wednesday.

Dallas lifts the Shield, Timbers crash out and more |

Another weekend recap post to take in this morning.

Timbers crash out on Decision Day |

A 4-1 beating in Vancouver was not what anyone expected but then again the 2016 Timbers were not what anyone expected. I’m starting to believe their 2015 run was just a fluke.

Portland had holes all season long |

Injuries are killer but so is a lack of quality depth.

Red Bulls have championship look |

I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that New York may be one of the scarier teams out of the other side of the MLS bracket. Let me put it to you this way, they haven’t lost a MLS game since July 3.

Red Bulls II win USL title | USL

New York’s USL side is going to be very good for years to come with the way they are building things there. If you ask me, FCD need to look at how they are approaching things and follow suit when they set up their own USL club.