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FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy: Match Predictions

We're hopeful we get the shield.

I hope we are cheering like this at the end of the day.
I hope we are cheering like this at the end of the day.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It is the final week of the season. FC Dallas finds out if they will take the Shield and we find out who is the soothsayer among us. The standings going into the final week of the season are as follows:

Mohammad 46
Scott 42
Nathan 42
Phil 42
Cody 40
Ben 37
Jared 37
Drew 36
Taylor 33
Ryan 30
Jason 28
Jack 11
Becky 6
Andy 5

How do we think this one plays out? See below!

Name Result FCD LAG Comments
Ben Lyon Draw 1 1 A beauty from Urrutí gives FCD the 1 point to clinch 60 in back to back seasons and win the Supporters' Shield.
Cody Gamond Win 10 0 I had a dream, and while it seems unlikely, if Dallas did win 10-0, and I ignored my dream, then I'd never forgive myself. Goals in order: Urruti, Urruti, Gruezo, Zimmerman, Barrios, Urruti, Hedges, Tesho, Ruiz, Tesho.
Drew Epperley Draw 1 1 Teams split some second half goals as FCD gets the Shield.
Jack Hazzard Win 2 1 I feel a complete rehash of this year's US Open Cup match between the two sides, with FC Dallas grabbing one super late to give them the win away from home.
Jared Tilley Draw 1 1 Urruti scores another big time goal and people still complain about him not scoring enough. FCD wins SS and Mastroeni will still win Coach of the year causing us to lose our minds.
Jason Poon Win 2 0 Gimme that shield!
Mohammad Bushnaq Draw 1 1 FC Dallas does it for Diaz in Busca La Forma style. Urruti with the finish and the LA Galaxy are caught cursing about never being able to beat FC Dallas at home when it counts.
Nathan Hill Win 2 1 I got a feeling that we see a team in US Open Cup mode - giving up an early goal but then creating two gutsy, hard working goals to take that Shield with both hands. After the game, Bruce Arena complains about the refs.
Phil Luetchford Draw 0 0 FC Dallas grinds the game to a halt to get a Supporters' Shield winning point. Without the magic of Mauro Diaz, the team has a hard time fashioning dangerous chances. Bruce plays a rotated lineup that is disjointed and ineffective. He doesn't care; none of his key players will be injured heading into the playoffs, unlike Dallas.
Ryan Scalon

Scott Hiney Win 1 0 Gruezo.
Taylor Hester