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Big D Daily: News for Friday, October 21, 2016

FC Dallas advances in CCL play.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So FC Dallas can score five goals without Mauro Diaz.

// FC Dallas //

FC Dallas comes from behind to advance in the CCL | Big D Soccer

It wasn't a pretty game but what CONCACAF games really are pretty? The win puts FCD into the quarterfinals next spring and thus really shortens the offseason for all of us this winter.

Quick Burns: What is FCD's best lineup without Diaz? | Big D Soccer

I think last night was not a true preview of where Oscar Pareja is thinking of going with his lineup for the reminder of 2016. But I do think he is going to go game-by-game with his formation from here on out.

FCD digs deep in CCL victory |

We haven't seen this team have a five goal outburst like that in some time.

// MLS //

Quarterfinal draw is done for CCL |

I'll honestly take this bracket for the three MLS sides. You get one matchup in the quarterfinals that will knock out at least one Mexican team. And then you have another Mexican team going against Saprissa. Yeah, not bad.

Where in the world is the Supporters' Shield |

A lot of traveling goes into the Shield late in the season for those that keep it. Lets hope the trip to LA won't be a waste for it and FCD is able to take it.

Talking Rapids and Diaz's injury in Dallas |

It is still kind of interesting to me that Colorado hasn't officially re-signed Pablo Mastroeni to a new deal after the way things have gone this season.

Will Colorado or Dallas find the Shield to be a burden in their Cup quest? |

At this point I view the Shield as just one more piece of the 2016 puzzle for FCD. If they win it, great. They don't it was still a pretty damn good year.

Most disappointed team to miss the playoffs |

It has to be Columbus but if the Timbers join them, then that would easily be the biggest disappointment.

Nyarko embracing postseason return |

I'm happy for Patrick Nyarko and his chance to get some post season glory here after all those years in Chicago.

How Ben Olsen made DCU into a Cup contender again | FourFourTwo

Some smart midseason pickups did the trick in this case. Also dumping some unfavorable contracts helped a little too.

Decision Day preview |

I again will say that I love the 10 games, kicking off all at once thing. Loads of fun.

Ranking the 10 games on Sunday | FourFourTwo

We're not the biggest game on Sunday? But we're definitely up there.