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FC Dallas Twitter campaign annoys Twitter users

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Sometimes social media is annoying

Yesterday, FC Dallas’ marketing and social media team launched a Twitter campaign courting the youth out there to get the word out that Matt Hedges, Chris Seitz, Mauro Diaz, Carlos Gruezo and Oscar Pareja deserve some end of the year love in the form of, I dunno, I’m assuming they get some kind of participation trophy or card to Raising Cane’s for #chicken4life.

The whole marketing piece is actually pretty clever with the whole Texas Hold’em theme interlaced with the presentation. You can see it all here.

It didn’t seem to be much an issue until certain members of the media felt like their mentions were getting out of hand and didn’t like their phone notifications buzzing during their writing time. (I’m just assuming they’re writing and to be fair, I hate notifications when I’m writing too, so I can see how this could be annoying.)

Some, like Kristan Heneage (@kheneage) didn’t even bat an eye and just left it alone and carried on. Others took this as an opportunity to say “Hey I don’t want this tweeted at me either, but let’s have some fun with it because this is Twitter.”

Then some times, things get a little out of hand and we get this: (Go ahead and get your popcorn).

So this is Grant Wahl with the initial annoyance tweet. You may remember him from such things as Sporits Illustrated, Fox Sports and that FIFA Presidency run to unseat Sepp Blatter. Everything was fine here, but as we’ve seen from Wahl in the past, things can get out of hand real quick.

This was pretty small-time on his part. A quick text, tweet or even DM would’ve solved the issue and his Twitter button would’ve been taken down and everyone would walk away happy. But he has had a history on Twitter to escalate things ignoring would’ve been the better alternative.

There was this exchange back in 2014:

This was in response to an absolutely silly tweet that had nothing to do with Wahl.

Of course, our writers have also gotten into odd Twitter spats with him too as Wahl had some choice words for our former colleague Jay couple years back.

To be fair, Grant Wahl did apologize on both accounts.

Switching gears a bit and going back to the whole voting for awards thing for a second. I’ve shared here countless times how I feel about awards, but I also do not blame anyone trying to get one. These types of things are very flawed, but had these awards gone to the right people in recent years, there would be no need for the FCD Front Office to even bother with such a campaign. If you look at Oscar Pareja’s resume, he should’ve won Coach of the Year at least once in the last three years.

Awards don’t always go to the right people, even if it’s deserved. What alarmed me though was this tweet about voting:

Whether Dan meant this or not, I don’t know. But the best we can do is just take it at face value. Here is someone who would write off voting on any player, whether he deserved it or not, because he got annoyed on social media. That’s troubling to me for multiple reasons, but most of all that his vote could be swayed by how he feels a club is handling their social media and not by the play on the field. Dickinson isn’t voting this year, but this feels pretty petty to refrain from voting for the right player just because your phone wouldn’t stop buzzing for an hour.

Wish more people took Twitter less seriously and followed Howler Magazine’s lead on this.