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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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No official word on the injuries to Diaz or Acosta.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas moves on to the final week of the regular season here as they get set to go to Guatemala.

// FC Dallas //

Chalkboard: Will teams follow the RSL/SEA blueprint | Big D Soccer

We saw earlier in the year how RSL managed to slow FCD down in the attack. Seattle followed that way and then some on Sunday. Without Mauro Diaz it may be another story on how to slow FCD down.

FCD vs SEA: The good and bad | Big D Soccer

Seeing Carlos Ruiz score was awesome, but those injuries were certainly rough to take in.

Playoffs: Lets make this year even better |

Yeah, a MLS Cup would make everything all better.

How MLS Cup hosting is determined |

As we all should be aware, right now FCD has the driver’s seat in terms of hosting throughout the playoffs.

Can FCD overcome the loss of Diaz? | Fox Soccer

I don’t care who you are, when you lose your MVP-level player in any sport it takes a lot to overcome that.

FCD’s bittersweet win over Seattle |

And a little more salt on the wounds here.

// MLS //

Injuries loom large after Week 33 |

It wasn’t just Diaz and Kellyn Acosta going down that made headlines on Sunday. We saw other big names like Diego Valeri go out as well.

Playoff battle heats up with four spot remaining |

This is the kind of drama MLS hoped for in setting up two straight Sundays with games kicking off at the same time. Loads of drama.

DCU should follow Portland’s blueprint for post season glory | Fox Soccer

If I had to peg one team as the ‘Portland’ of 2016 going into the playoffs, it may be DCU. Or it maybe New York Red Bulls. Hell, it may just be Portland.

Crew begin looking at new stadium options | Massive Report

One of the bigger news items late yesterday was how Columbus is actively looking at their stadium options. They want to be more downtown in Columbus if they don’t get some government money to do upgrades to MAPFRE Stadium.

Rapids earn a Champions League berth | Burgundy Wave

Thanks to the way the standings are going to lay out here and with FCD’s win in the USOC, Colorado is the next team in line to pick up a spot out of the Western Conference.

Garber: MLS still needs European stars |

Eh, I don’t know how true that really is anymore. In some cases, sure. But I’ve enjoyed seeing the league grow with a lot more South American talent.

Why Preki chose St. Louis for his coaching return | FourFourTwo

Basically no one was hiring in MLS, or anywhere else? I kid, I kid. Preki will do well again in the USL in that market.