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View from the East Stand: Grand Finale

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Carlos Ruiz has brought us some memorable moments in Frisco, and he delivered another one on Sunday!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As if the weather had to remind us that summer still had a little punch left in it. The heat came back with a vengeance on Sunday, and cleaned out everyone unwilling to get a tan on the east side. A pretty good sized crowd showed up despite the Dallas Cowboys playing at the same time and the heat beating everyone up. This wasn't the only game everyone had their minds on though, and I'm not talking about the aforementioned Cowboys game.

Checking the Phone

Saw more than a few fans constantly checking their phones in the stands, checking up on the Portland Timbers vs Colorado Rapids score. The apps on the fans' phones added even more tension in the building when Seattle was up and Portland was also on top. Or it could've been they were checking to see how hot it really was outside.

Seattle fans + Geiger

The Sounder supports showed up this game, despite Seattle not winning here since April of 2014 (knock on wood), and were pretty vocal through say, 89 minutes of the game. Right after that 89 minute goal by old man Ruiz, they became slightly unhappy and made known their displeasure at the match unfolding before them.

Mark Geiger was having a little bit of a rough go this game. By 'rough go', I mean he wasn't making friends from either team. His warped view on what constituted as a foul had players and fans confused and left frustrated through the course of the game. In his defense though, it was a not fun match to ref with both sides getting their fair share of punishment dished out.

Finally, your fan quote of the night: "There he is, the beautiful man from Guatemala!" -As Ruiz was being subbed on. What a man.

Season finale, bittersweet, were you able to make it to at least one FC Dallas game this year? Can you believe Carlos Ruiz has still got it after all these years? Who else was constantly updating their app to tell them the Portland Colorado score? Let me know in the comments below!