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Goal Breakdown: Let’s marvel at the one touches from Diaz and Ruiz

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It had to be Pescadito

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Many of us had hoped that FC Dallas would’ve taken care of business sooner, but it’s always fun to see late game heroics at home too. Carlos “El Pescadito” Ruiz came on as a late substitute and provided just a solitary touch on offense and the results were huge. Here’s the breakdown on how Dallas celebrated a three point party.

The goal itself is a thing of beauty. We first see Mauro Rosales on the ball and working the flank well. He actually managed to split his defender in the process and Carlos Gruezo also had the option of slipping the ball behind the Sounders’ defense if he opted to. Instead Gruezo went across the field to find Diaz, who pinged the ball perfectly on his first touch over Seattle’s defense and let Ruiz do the rest.

This angle above shows you how slow Seattle was to react. First to Rosales’ run, then to stepping up to Gruezo, then to stepping up to Diaz (who leaves Diaz that open in Zone 14?!) and as if they’ve never scouted the Magical Little Unicorn before, were slow to react to the final pass.

But the best part of the whole sequence is below when a camera follows Ruiz during the build up.

As you can see Ruiz was directing Gruezo to slide the ball over to an open Diaz. And as soon as the ball went in Diaz’s direction, you can see Ruiz giving a shout to call for the ball and he started his run around the Seattle defense.

These are small things, but at this stage of the season, it’s the little things that can make all the difference between another trophy in the cabinet or a day full of “What ifs”.