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Workhorse of the Week vs Seattle Sounders

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The Shield is back on. FC Dallas' gutsy, incredible come from behind win over Seattle at home keeps them in the driver's seat to earn a second trophy this season. Come inside and vote for the FC Dallas player who exemplified the workhorse spirit.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Maxi Urruti for a monstrous win in our last Workhorse of the Week against the LA Galaxy.

Guess who I am going to recommend this week? Urruti for his workhorse efforts and a poacher's goal in the comeback against the Seattle Sounders.

What a big time game!

Once again, you can approach this game from a couple of different angles.

First, you can ask - where is FC Dallas' offense? Despite being at home, FC Dallas didn't look super confident against Seattle, wasting some opportunities in their opponent's half for the stretch of the game. Mauro Diaz was routinely closed down. Overall, there was little space for creativity, and coupled with some poor giveaways, Seattle probably deserved to be up a goal. Thankfully, the team found a way back in with some gritty goals. Certainly not pretty but with Diaz out, you will have to wonder if this team can gut out some big wins with an alternate lineup.

Second, are you grateful? Luckily, Colorado found a way to lose, and FC Dallas found a way to win. This was about the perfect situation you wanted this weekend. Next weekend, our luck may run out, but for now, you take it and go with it as it keeps FC Dallas in some control of their destiny.

Third, are you feeling down? Losing Mauro Diaz and Kellyn Acosta so late in the season does not bode well for their Shield push nor for the playoffs. Of course, Pareja might pull out some formation that catches the league by surprise and get more out of some of the journeyman type pieces on the roster. We can only hope, but losing Diaz is a big blow. Though I'm excited about the win, I'm not as hopeful that this is the year for a MLS Cup.

What are you feeling? A mix of emotions? Or a little more muted?

Cast your vote below for the player that should earn our Workhorse of the Week. For me, it has to be Maxi Urruti, because he really managed a goal out of just being in the right place at the right time after another hard working night. This was not his best game, but we'll take it. I think you can continue to show love to the work of Matt Hedges, Walker Zimmerman, and Carlos Gruezo as well.

Share your thoughts below!