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Report: Mauro Diaz out for the season

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A torn Achilles appears to be the issue here.

The Supporters’ Shield may end up with FC Dallas but it could come at a high cost.’s Jon Arnold is reporting that FC Dallas midfielder Mauro Diaz is going to be sidelined for the remainder of 2016 with a torn Achilles.

The injury happened late in the game on Sunday evening against the Seattle Sounders.

FC Dallas manager Oscar Pareja declined to comment on Diaz’ injury in the post game press conference and instead shifted the blame to the officials for not protecting him.

"I’m waiting, but we need to protect the players," said Pareja. "The friction tonight was too much, and it’s sometimes not tangible. You can’t see it, but it’s one from another from another from another, and then you pay the price."

Diaz has suffered more fouls on average than any other player in MLS this season. He was fouled four times in the win over the Sounders on Sunday.

Diaz is set to undergo tests Monday to confirm the extent of the injury. We are told the club is expected to make an announcement shortly after they are aware of the details to his injury. But for now it does not look good.