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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders: Match Predictions

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Can Dallas inch closer to the Supporter's Shield?

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Subbing in for Mohammed here since he decided that crunch time around these parts would be an excellent time to go on a vacation trip with his family. (Not bitter at all dude...)

I don't have the updated spreadsheet on who's who, but nobody cares about the standings at this point (right, Scott?), so here are the staff predictions for the final regular season home match against the Sounders of Seattle.

Name Result FCD SEA Comments
Ben Lyon Win 4 0 No Alonso and Ivanschitz. Dallas cruise. Goals for Diaz, Akindele, Barrios, Urruti. Disrespectful!
Cody Gamond Win 2 0 Dallas has won every game I have attended (6-0-0), so it is with delight, that at this crucial moment in the season, I announce my attendance. The win is guaranteed. I choose Urruti and Barrios to score.
Drew Epperley Win 2 1 Close out the home campaign with another strong performance from the trio of Diaz, Urruti and Barrios.
Jack Hazzard Win 3 1 Dallas grabs a win and Colorado takes a L. Good weekend for Diaz as he picks up a goal and assist.
Jared Tilley Win 2 0 Dallas controls the midfield and is able to limit Seattles chances. Dallas gets goals from Urruti and Zimmerman.
Jason Poon Win 5 0
Keel 3 Points
Mohammad Bushnaq Win 2 1 Diaz and Barrios provide a much needed victory for FC Dallas but I fear it may be too little too late for the shield.
Nathan Hill Win 2 0 Home cooking is delicious.
Phil Luetchford Win 3 1 Seattle's hot steak went cold as cellar-dweller Houston's B team made the Sounders look pedestrian. With a midweek game, Alonso suspended and Ivanschitz injured again, a healthy and rested Dallas controls the midfield and the pace of the game. Still, Lodeiro's quality will keep Seattle competitive for most of the game. Goals by Maxi, Mauro, and Mikey.
Ryan Scalon Win 1 0 FCD gets the uninspiring win that keeps our SS hopes alive. Barrios gets the lone goal
Scott Hiney

Taylor Hester