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FC Dallas vs Los Angeles Galaxy: Match Predictions

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Can FC Dallas put the Galaxy's Supporters' Shield dreams to bed at home?

Walker gets a goal this weekend. Book it.
Walker gets a goal this weekend. Book it.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is the most wonderful part of the MLS season. Playoff races are heating up: bye weeks, red lines, and CCL sports are at stake. Our prediction race is also heating up. With three games left in the season, it is time to shine for the writers. Most of us think FC Dallas holds pat at home, but that is far from a guarantee given the unpredictable nature of the beast,

Here are the top five:

Scott 41
Nathan 40
Phil 39
Mohammad 38
Cody 37

And here are our predictions! Do you agree/disagree? Are we being a tad-bit optimistic? We usually are. Sound off below!

Becky is back with a prediction. She says tonight will be a win. 3-1. "LA scores first and then Dallas dominates the rest of the night. You know, much like that recent match where we did the same thing..."

Name Result FCD LAG Comments
Ben Lyon Win 3 1 It's the Diaz show for 2. Add one for Barrios. LA pegs one back late.
Cody Gamond Win 4 1 LA strikes early, but Dallas comes back hot and heavy. 2 goals for Barrios, a penalty for Diaz, and a screamer for Figueroa.
Drew Epperley Win 2 1 A hard fought game ends with FCD picking up three massive points at home.
Jack Hazzard Win 2 1 Urutti with exciting brace! Winner for FCD in added time!
Jared Tilley Win 2 1 Urruti and Diaz get the goals. Dallas starts fast and gets up by 2 in the first half. They hold on for the victory with a late onslaught by LAG.
Jason Poon Win 176 1 We're winning this FIFA style.
Mohammad Bushnaq Win 3 2 FC Dallas comes through with an incredible home performance after getting punched in the mouth twice. Diaz, Urruti, and Zimmerman provide the home crowd with the kind of performance diehards will be tallking about for the rest of their lives.
Nathan Hill Win 4 0 FC Dallas so thoroughly dominates LA that the franchise folds the next day.
Phil Luetchford Win 3 1 A new home winning streak starts that lasts through the playoffs. Diaz, Urruti, and Barrios score as Dallas effectively wraps up the Supporters Shield race.
Ryan Scalon Win 3 2 FCD pulls out a nervy win! Diaz, own goal and Barrios supply the goals for the good guys, while Dos Santos and Donovan score for the baddies. Donovan usually scores against us.
Scott Hiney Win 2 1 This one is just fun to watch with FC Dallas getting plenty of chances but unable to capitalize until the second half when Diaz and Maxi do the trick.
Taylor Hester