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Big D Daily: News for Friday, January 8, 2016

The schedules are out, which trip will you take this year?

Nathan Cox/Getty Images

The first full week of the new year is in the books as we're at the weekend.

// FC Dallas //

Breaking down the 2016 schedule |

A lot of interesting points to make about this year's schedule. We'll have a few thoughts of our own this weekend on it.

// MLS //

Warshaw: A player's perspective on the Combine |

Our old pal Bobby Warshaw writes another solid piece for the league's website about how things go at the MLS Combine, which starts this weekend as well. I've heard a lot of similar stories like this from other players over the years about the Combine. 'It is what it is,' is usually the sentiment I hear a lot.

LAFC reveals logo, colors and Will Ferrell as part of the ownership group |

I know a lot of people are pretty 'meh' on the LAFC logo but it has already grown on me as one of the better ones in the league. But the big story here in my mind is seeing Ron Burgundy as part of the LAFC ownership group. I love it.

LAFC's logo is a mashup of Atlanta and Minnesota |

Well, it is in a way I suppose. But those are the next two expansion clubs so why not beat them to the punch on something?

Sporting adds Davis in trade with Dynamo | The Blue Testament

This is such a puzzling trade in my mind, at least on first read. Brad Davis to SKC for a couple draft picks. Wow. Houston must have been really ready to shed that money off the salary cap.

Sounders add a HGP, just not Morris | Sounder at Heart

While Seattle and the rest of MLS wait on Jordon Morris to make up his damn mind, the club did announce a new HGP yesterday.

10 games not to miss in 2016 |

I was pleasantly surprised to see a Texas Derby game on this list. But I also kind of hate that we're playing Houston two weeks into the season as well.

Dates to circle in 2016 |

And gives us their ten games to circle this year on the calendar as well.

LA after Nigel de Jong |

So Juninho leaves and LA may go after de Jong to replace him? Very interesting.