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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Only a couple more days until the 2016 schedule is released.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It certainly feels like January out there with the cold weather and the lack of MLS.

// FC Dallas //

New Years Resolutions for FCD | Big D Soccer

In case your missed this one yesterday, we dived into a few resolutions for the new year for the club. I'm pretty sure there were more out there to list for a few more guys but I'll leave you all to do that.

// MLS //

Morris ready to turn pro |

The spring semester for Stanford started this week, which meant Jordan Morris had a big decision to make. From the sounds of things, Seattle finally got their kid to sign on the dotted line.

Getting to know Brandon Vincent from Stanford |

We all know about Morris and what he did for Stanford this year but they had a very capable center back that also carried a lot of the load for them. I wouldn't mind seeing FCD snag this guy in the first round.

Vancouver may trade up in the SuperDraft | The Providence

Word on the street is that we'll know tomorrow about which Generation adidas players are coming to this draft (that is next week by the way). The Caps seems to have their sights set high in this one too as they want to trade up.

Interview with Rapids Supporter who drives 240 miles to see his team | Burgundy Wave

Hat tip for this guy and his family that make the 240 mile round trip to see a really bad team play. I mean, I get the love of the game and all but you must really like family time and driving to want to see the Rapids that badly.

Hackworth on why the US needs a U-17 residency program | Soccer America

There was a lot of Twitter talk about this yesterday from a few folks. Some folks think there isn't a need for the Residency program any more, while others like former Philly boss John Hackworth seem to think it is still needed.

Dax McCarty to reportedly sign a new deal | Once a Metro

A potential four-year deal for Dax. I can't tell you how many times over the last few years I wish he were still in Frisco but good on New York for locking him down for a few more years.