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2016 New Year's Resolutions for FC Dallas

The calendar has turned the page to a new year.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It seems hard to think that we're already in 2016. The ball dropped late last week and now we're back at the normal schedule around these parts. While 2015 was a great year to be a FC Dallas fan, there is always room for improvement. Hopes and dreams can still be higher and now is as good of a time as there ever would be to write up some New Year's Resolutions for the club.

Mauro Diaz: To stay healthy enough to start 26-30 games

I won't go all out and say start every single game. The season is too long and difficult to expect a player like a Diaz to ironman his way through an entire season. But I do hope that the health is there in the new year for him to be apart of more games and more starts in 2016. Many people around the league will tell you that FCD probably was a game away from having the Supporters' Shield and even more last season. Had Diaz been healthy more last year, maybe started just one more game than he did, we'd be still celebrating some hardware.

Coy Craft and Alejandro Zendejas: Find more time on the field

I don't know if this means through a loan, through a lot of national team duty with the U-20s or with FC Dallas. Either way, these two need more time on the field in 2016 to continue their development.

Kellyn Acosta: To shoot more

I mean when he scores a goal like this, you kind of want him to do more of it.


Oscar Pareja: To find a left back that he can trust for 25-30 games

Last season the left back position was a revolving door of converted wingers, one Homegrown player and whatever else seemed to be healthy enough to go there. While I know most would argue that finding a striker is the most important thing the club needs to do this offseason (and it is), the other big issue for me is finding a left back that can consistently start for the majority of the season.

Dan Hunt: Less talking on Facebook, more doing

Don't get me wrong, those Facebook chats are kind of great once you slog through the usual questions. The thing about them is that I would love to see Dan more active this year with the fans. Instead of saying they're doing something, actually do it or at least put an effort in front of people and show us. I get the Hunts conservative nature, its worked well for them over time but at some point they have to step up this season for the fans. The entire ticket situation last year was a nightmare.

* * *

There are plenty of other FCD players that could use some resolutions of their own; if you have any suggestions, be sure to leave them in the comments.