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Countdown to First Kick: What to expect as FC Dallas heads to Arizona

The first preseason trip is right around the corner.

FC Dallas/Olivia Brestal

The preseason rolls on for FC Dallas as they will make their first trip of the new year on Monday as they head to Arizona for a week-long stay.

While in Arizona the club will train at the Casa Grande Sports complex and will have at least one friendly during that time against the New England Revolution on February 4 (no word yet on a stream for that game but we'll let you all know as soon as we hear about one).

After one week of preseason, FCD has already signed a couple players in the form of Carlos GruezoMaynor Figueroa, and Juan Esteban Ortiz. The team also has four rookies on the roster from the SuperDraft and one new Homegrown player in Aaron Guillen. So what should we expect in week two of the preseason? Time to dive into a couple important things to keep a watch out on.

Potential for new faces

There has been no official word yet as to who could be joining FCD in Arizona that differs from the current group. We do know that Tesho Akidnele will depart at some point to be with Canada as they begin prep for taking on the United States.

Right now FCD has a lot of open roster spots that will be contended on between the unsigned draft picks and any new trialists that come on board. We also know that Oklahoma City Energy FC will be sending one of their staff members to Arizona to continue working with the club on who might be loaned out to the USL side this season - which should be promising news for those unsigned draft picks.

Outside of all of that, this trip will be a decent amount of chemistry building between the veterans in the locker room and the new comers.

Friendly against New England

The friendly has been on the books for a little while now with the Revs. New England will actually be playing in a friendly the day before they battle FC Dallas, so I would imagine they'll be playing a lot of players over the course of those two days.

This friendly will likely be all about getting some new faces the chance to prove whether or not they are worth signing for this season. It will likely also give a chance for guys like Gruezo and Figueroa time on the field together to get comfortable with their new teammates.

I'd take this game with a huge grain of salt as it shouldn't have a major impact on how things go this season. After all, one of the first preseason games last year was against Orlando, which saw the Lions nearly blow out FCD.

* * *

What are you expecting to see out of this preseason trip to Arizona? Let us know below what you hope the club gets out of this preseason trip.