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FC Dallas and D2? Quacky Comparisons

Did FC Dallas basically just remake a 90's classic?


Momo and Jason have lost their minds, and this is how we cope with wanting an FC Dallas USL team so badly (FCD2: The Mighty Hoops) and a pretty slow off-season so far. Not every comparison is perfect, but don't you think it's a bit unusual how close these two franchises mirror one another? For starters, both of these teams feature at the heart two young, firecracker former players as the head coach. Both are incredibly lovable and the darling of the fans and media alike. Enjoy and remember, Hoops Fly Together!

Charlie Conway --- Matt Hedges


The leaders of their respective teams, this one was pretty easy. Charlie makes sure the guys are always focused on the task at hand and do not get too caught up in the moment. Being the FC Dallas captain, and also pretty indispensable, the Hedges/Conway comparison was as straightforward as it can possibly get.

Luis Mendoza --- Fabian Castillo

Mendoza - Castillo

"I stopped!" The famous line from the speedster, Mr. Mendoza, that we would love to hear Fabian Castillo say one day. That was the moment that Luis had mastered his speed and used it to its fullest potential. Castillo is not there yet and we can hope that he continues to develop into the incredible player he has the potential to be.

Julie Gaffney --- Jesse Gonzalez

Gaffney - Gonzalez

Their initials are the same. Coincidence? We do not think so. Julie "The Cat" Gaffney has reflexes unparalleled on the Mighty Ducks beating out Goldberg for the spot in the starting lineup and performing amazingly as a result. Jesse Gonzalez is a perfect match for all of those. We can start calling him by his new nickname: Jesse "The Cat" Gonzalez.

Fulton Reed and Dean Portman --- Je-Vaughn Watson and Atiba Harris

Bash Brothers

You know them as, "the Bash Brothers," the two hard-hitting teammates who opponents fear to play against because they play their hearts out and are not afraid to get physical if the situation calls for it. Fulton and Dean are tough on the ice, but kind off ice just like Watson and Harris. We should start bringing them bandanas to wear when the going gets rough in the games.

Greg Goldberg --- Chris Seitz

Goldberg - Seitz

The beloved keeper for FC Dallas can be likened to the beloved goalie for the Mighty Ducks. The fans love him as he is often serenaded in goal when he plays and is truly respected for being a good guy around the league. Seitzy is our Goldberg.

Les Averman and Jesse Hall --- Walker Zimmerman and Ryan Hollingshead

Hall Averman

The jokers of the group. Averman is known for making wacky comments and just having a good time, both on and off the ice while Jesse is a sarcastic, matter-of-fact individual who is quick to point out funny moments. We believe the two people who fit this mold the most are Walker and Ryan. Their willingness to hang out together and wreak havoc on others.

Guy Germaine and Connie Moreau --- Victor Ulloa and Moises Hernandez


Ah, the lovebirds. Just like Guy and Connie are pretty inseparable in the movie, Victor and Mo are in real life. Everywhere they go, they are together laughing, bickering, or eating. Connie and Guy are both important players for the Ducks (as are Vic and Mo), but the guys’ relationship is more of a bromance than it is a romance.

Adam Banks --- Mauro Diaz

Banks - Diaz

Superstar who transfers from a new team and has a hard time seeing himself with his team members and ends up getting injured? Check. Mauro Diaz is going to have to find himself within this team if he wants to live up to the greatness of Adam Banks. The talent is there. The mental aspect needs to align a bit for excellence to ensue.

Dwayne Robertson --- Kellyn Acosta

Robertson - Acosta

Yee-haw! The other Texan gets the nod here. Robertson is known for his goofiness and his excellent handling ability both of which are on display night in and night out in Kellyn Acosta. The Plano product was sensational in handling the midfield with Ulloa last year and the sky is the limit for his continued development.

Russ Tyler --- Tesho Akindele

Tyler - Akindele

"It’s knuckle-puck time!" Russ Tyler was good at one thing and one thing only when he was the new kid on the block. Tesho Akindele had a similar adventure being a rookie drafted to this team. His one trick? All Tesho does is score big goals in big moments. Not a bad ace to have up the coach’s sleeve, huh?

Ken Wu --- Zach Loyd

Wu - Loyd

The "Little Bash Brother", Ken Wu, was not afraid to go up against people twice his size. Enter Zach Loyd, an undersized CB who fought valiantly this year against giant strikers and midfielders with his partner, 'Charlie' Hedges. It was an excellent year for Zach Loyd, but we have to wonder if his talents are better suited for a wingback role this upcoming season.

Gordon Bombay --- Oscar Pareja

Bombay - Pareja

This one was almost as easy as the captains. Both young coaches with a clear-cut passion for the game and the youth involved with their teams. Both coaches led their teams a step-further in every season. While Bombay has won championships and Pareja has not just yet, it is clear that the fire is there and the fans rally around such marvelous leaders who are not afraid to take risks.

Wolf Stansson --- Caleb Porter

Stansson - Porter

The most disliked coach to FC Dallas fans has to be Mr. Porter. After the scandalous tissue incident at the beginning of the season, Caleb leapfrogged all of the other coaches as the one that whines and complains the most. Bombay ends up getting the better of Stansson in their second go around and we hope Pareja has the same result with Mr. Porter.

Bonus: Flying V --- FCD Counter

Flying V


I created some still shots so you can see the Dallas implement the Flying V against Houston.

Counter 1

Counter 2

Counter 3

What do you think of the comparisons? Agree? Disagree? Have your own suggestion?