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Big D Daily: News for Friday, January 29, 2016

A couple more days before FCD heads to Arizona.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The first full week of preseason is nearly over as FC Dallas gets ready to head west.

// FC Dallas //

Diaz wants to be the best in his position |

I think the biggest thing we can hope for out of Mauro Diaz in 2016 is that he plays at least five more games than he did a year ago. That will go a long way in making him the best in his position.

// MLS //

Jones: Suspension is hurting my chances overseas |

Six games is a lot to take on for any club as Jermaine Jones has to wait it out no matter where he lands this offseason.

Renderings vs reality: Why do stadiums frequently change looks? |

I love a good side-by-side comparison with stadiums. This is even better as you get to see some renderings of MLS venues right next to what they actually ended up looking like. I kind of wish they did all the soccer-specific venues in the league.

Supporters group move is part of a bigger plan in Houston | Dynamo Theory

Dallas supporter groups aren't the only ones getting new stadium homes this season. Our rivals down south are dealing with new sections of the stadium as well.

Colorado is having the offseason from hell | 91st Minute

It certainly has been a rocky (no pun intended) offseason in Denver.

Ten signs that US Soccer and MLS hate each other | Paste

Nothing like a trip down memory lane with some of this. Fun times.

Gerrard on Cole signing: Its a master stroke |

From one old timer to the next. Stevie G is happy to be with Ashley C.

Charlotte eying MLS stadium project |

This isn't totally surprising news as Charlotte has been discussing MLS before. What is more surprising is that people are caring about MLS in that city right now when their NFL side is getting ready for the Super Bowl.

MLS to meet with the State of Missouri about St. Louis |

Again I'll say it, St. Louis is the new pet project of the league.

Adu admits his failures but claims he isn't done |

Ha, oh poor Freddy Adu. It is still crazy to me that he is only 26-years old right now. He's been playing for a dozen years professionally, which for some is prime time for retirement.