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Rumor: FC Dallas has signed Carlos Gruezo

More midfield reinforcements on its way.

We covered the rumor that FC Dallas was chasing the signature of Ecuadorian midfielder Carlos Gruezo a few days ago, and it looks like those rumors were true. Nothing official has been released but the Twitterverse is starting to make suggestions that the transfer (yes, transfer... as in a fee was paid) has been completed and Gruezo is on his way to Frisco shortly.

A couple of hours ago, Taylor Twellman, who has been known to be very reliable with transfer rumors, tweeted this:

A transfer fee is probably the most shocking as FCD has a history of being a bit tight on the purse strings when it comes to player acquisition.

Then there was also this:

My Spanish is awful at best, but the audio recording appears to confirm his transfer is imminent and he'll be joining Dallas very soon.

My hunch right now is that even if he joins the team, Victor Ulloa and Kellyn Acosta will hold their starting spots for the early part of the season, given Oscar Pareja's preference of easing in new players into his system and to the league slowly. (See: Michael Barrios) After the settling in period has past, then everyone's minutes is fair game.

What do you guys think? Excited that Dallas is bringing in a World Cup caliber player into the squad? Think he'll be big for this club or will he be the next Erick. (Anyone remember him?)