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Big D Daily: News for Friday, January 22, 2016

The offseason is over. I repeat, the offseason is over.


Preseason camps begin to open up today around MLS with FC Dallas starting up tomorrow morning.

// FC Dallas //

FCD to hold first preseason training tomorrow morning |

And so it begins again, training will be back in session tomorrow.

Clavijo sees cancer enter remission |

One of the best bits of news that came out yesterday was centered around Fernando Clavijo. After a year of battling cancer he is in remission. That is such wonderful news.

// MLS //

What to expect from Morris in 2016 | Sounder at Heart

Really have to tip the hat to our friends over at SaH for their coverage during the whole Jordan Morris situation. They've been out in front of a lot of the news with him and here is a good look at what they think they'll get out of him this season.

Morris' heart was always in Seattle | Sounder at Heart

How cute.

Morris comes home, so now what? |

The hype train has been going for a while now with Morris but can he live up to it in his rookie season? Given the talent surrounding him, I think he has a good shot to do fairly well.

Every USMNT player situation is different | US Soccer Players

One thing I love to stress when it comes to the whole MLS vs Europe debate is that everyone has a different situation. You can't blame a guy for doing one thing over the other when you don't know their situation personally.

Hamid out 4-6 months |

Sad face for Bill Hamid and DCU.

Klinsmann insists he is a fan of MLS |

I'm sure he actually is, in fact I bet MLS is his guilty pleasure.

Atlanta stadium to be delayed three months | Dirty South Soccer

This is interesting news out of Atlanta. The new venue that will house Atlanta United SC will be delayed by three months and will not be opening until June of next year. So it sounds like either a temporary venue is going to be in place or they'll hit the road for a long, long time.

Tierney's starting role didn't come easy | The Bent Musket

New England's Chris Tierney is arguably one of the better fullbacks in MLS these days. How he got there has been an interesting road to watch.

// NASL //

San Francisco NASL club has a logo | The Beautiful blog

That is...uh...rather interesting? That may be putting it too nice. We complain about a lot of logos in MLS (when we probably shouldn't) but man, this one is bad.