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2015 FC Dallas Goal of the Year

A golazo from the homegrown kid walks away with this.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

First, thanks to everyone for voting for the 2015 FC Dallas Goal of the Year. It was a lot of fun to look back at the awesomeness that was 2015 and really enjoy some of the good, the great, and ridiculously awesome moments from the past season.

Second, a happy new year to all you readers who've stuck it out with us! Let's hope that the 2016 goals will be just as amazing or even better for the upcoming year.

Finally, without further ado, presenting the 2015 FC Dallas Goal of the Year, as voted for by the Big D Soccer readers:

Kellyn Acosta


Congratulations to the homegrown kid, Kellyn Acosta! It was a pleasure to watch you grow into the midfield role (fully admit I advocated that he would be a better right back than midfielder) and be an anchor for this club for the upcoming seasons ahead. More big goals like this in 2016, please and thank you.