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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The third and fourth rounds of the SuperDraft are today.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Today we get a couple more rounds of drafting.

// FC Dallas //

Why FCD needs to hold a town hall meeting | Big D Soccer

A bit of a last call on this piece from over the weekend as we looked at why FCD needs to restart some things with their supporters before the season begins in March.

// MLS //

We've got two days to convince Morris | Sounder at Heart

From every account out there, it seems as though Jordon Morris is going to stay in Germany. But folks in Seattle still seem optimistic about their chances.

Toronto continues strong offseason by landing Irwin |

Forget the thought that Colorado could be going after Tim Howard, seeing that they traded Clint Irwin to Toronto is a bigger deal for the Reds as they get a solid keeper to play in front of a newly retooled defense.

Nemanja Vidic could be coming to MLS |

I saw this rumor talked about a couple times yesterday as Vidic got his contract with Inter Milan terminated recently. Oh boy.

Winners and losers from the SuperDraft | Top Drawer Soccer

Not great to see that people think FCD landed in the loser side of things. But you have to admit that they did likely have to settle on Ryan Herman when Andrew Tarbell went off the board.

Honda still interested in MLS | Fox Sports

One guy that I've long wanted to see land in MLS for the last few season has been Keisuke Honda. Hopefully something happens this winter to get him over here.

$%^@ the Rapids | Burgundy Wave

Yep, once again the Rapids fans aren't happy with the way things are going. That club needs a lot of things at the moment but they really need to focus on making their supporters happy.

What on earth are the Galaxy doing? | 91st Minute Blog

Between letting Omar Gonzalez and Juninho go, to looking at Ashley Cole and Nigel de Jong, this has been an interesting offseason to say the very least for LA.

Impact land attacking midfielder Ontivero on loan | Mount Royal Soccer

A young attacking midfielder on loan from Galatasaray. Looks like Montreal is going the route that we're seeing more and more with young South American players - getting them on loan and then potentially buying them.

Garber: Conceivable to think that Minnesota will start in 2017 |

We discussed it in a link post last week but it looks more and more like we'll see the duo of Atlanta and Minnesota next year in MLS.