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Big D Daily: News for Friday, January 15, 2016

How did FC Dallas do yesterday in the draft?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The SuperDraft is half over with the third and fourth rounds coming next week.

// FC Dallas //

Herman and Pitter bring plenty of potential to Frisco | Dallas Morning News

FCD seemed to get two players they were excited about yesterday in the draft with Timo Pitter and Ryan Herman. Big question will be whether or not they can stick it out in preseason and make the team.

Herman set to prove more than just his height |

Herman is a big dude, bigger than both keepers FCD current has on the roster in Jesse Gonzalez and Chris Seitz. I think he'll add well to the competition this year.

// MLS //

How all 20 clubs did on draft day |

There are a broad range of grades or thoughts on yesterday from the teams that made plenty of deals and picks to those who opted to trade completely out of the draft. FCD needed depth, and that is what they got.

Draft day winners and losers |

Interesting seeing Herman listed as one of the worst valued picks.

Eight trades headline a chaotic first round |

It took nearly a hour and a half for FCD to be on the clock yesterday because of all the trades.

Busy day for Harrison |

Nothing like getting selected first only to be traded to the team sitting in fourth in the draft order. What is more interesting is seeing teams like NYCFC and Philly select guys that they attempted to get HGP claims on as well.

Garber: USSF not deciding Jordon Morris' future |

This is one story that continues to get a lot of attention. Morris is apparently stay in Germany for an extended trial while Seattle waits on hearing whether or not he'll be signing.

MLS checks out different venus in Minnesota for possible 2017 start | Star Tribune

I've been told that the Minnesota team could very well be starting up in 2017 instead of 2018. This kind of news makes sense on that front.

St. Louis has a little more momentum with the Rams exit |

People really want to see a MLS side in St. Louis and now that the NFL is packing up things in that city, it will only increase their desire to get a team in there. I know the brass in NY at the league's front office consider St. Louis a vital town to get into.

Bedoya not in the mix for Colorado |

One thing that came out of the draft was that Colorado was close to signing Alejandro Bedoya, but it appears that deal is off the table for now.

Weird incident between Pappa and beauty queen | Sounder at Heart

On one hand, the reaction to this is nothing more than 'b****es be crazy.' But I know there are a lot more details to this story that are likely not being reported just yet.