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MLS Draft 2016: Players FC Dallas might take

The draft is finally here!

Gary Rohman/MLS/USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 MLS SuperDraft is tomorrow and we've posted about the top options at each position. Now, let's talk about who FC Dallas will actually pick in this deep draft. Obviously we're gong to be wrong, because Papi is Papi and only Papi knows what he's going to do. Papi knows best.

As you know, Fernando Clavijo and Oscar Pareja own the No. 17 pick at the moment. However, in my opinion, I don't see FCD staying put at 17. I think we will see them move up or move out of the first round completely. I'll give you five options for each scenario in the first round.

Staying put at 17

Andrew Tarbell, GK (Clemson, GA) - Personally, I don't think we go goalkeeper, at least not in the first round. But, if he falls to 17, it would be hard to pass up a Generation Adidas guy who doesn't count against the cap. Plus, he fills our third goalkeeper role.

Michael Salazar, F (UC-Riverside) - Salazar seems like a Papi player. He can play up top or on the right wing.He has the speed and quickness Pareja likes his guys to have. He's also smart on the ball. I think Salazar is the most likely pick if FCD stays around the area of the last five picks of the first round.

Zachary Carroll, CB (Michigan State) - A lot of reports call him inconsistent. But, he's a big guy who could rival Walker Zimmerman for minutes right away. FCD definitely needs depth at CB and if Carroll falls to 17, it would be too hard to pass up.

Eric Verso, RM (Stanford) - Primarily a right mid. Came up through the Galaxy system. Was one of the leaders in the nation in assists. His stock has probably risen the most the last few days at the combine. Most don't think he will go in the first round, but Clavijo might reach and let Pareja work his magic.

Dennis Castillo, RB (VCU) - Castillo plays right back primarily and can play center back when needed, although he's undersized like our friend Zach Loyd. He's played with the Timbers' U-23 side and could be depth behind Je-Vaughn Watson, possibly pushing Atiba Harris up the field more into a right midfield position.

Moving into the top 10

Jonathan Campbell, CB (North Carolina) - Campbell is a big center back who would challenge Zimmerman for minutes just like I mentioned with Carroll above. I don't see him falling outside of the top 10, so FCD would have to make the jump up to snag him.

Brandon Vincent, LB (Stanford) - I'm not saying this will happen, that FCD would trade up that high, but I'm not saying it won't happen. Sure, Ryan Hollingshead played well at left back the last half of the season. I love everything Hollingshead is about as a player and person, but I don't see the hype of him at left back a lot of people see. I still see this as an area worth of improvement. Vincent could be that improvement. Moises Hernandez is still a question mark right now. Don't know exactly what's happening there. But, if you read my post a few days ago about the top defenders in this draft, you would know I'm high on Vincent.

Jack Harrison, CM (Wake Forest, GA) - Harrison is a Generation Adidas signing. The Englishmen is the best midfielder in the draft. He would be great depth behind Kellyn Aocsta, Mauro Diaz and even Michael Barrios on the wing.

Fabian Herbers, F (Creighton, GA) - FCD loves their Generation Adidas guys. He's another one. I think, and others think, that Herbers should've won the MAC Hermann Trophy over Jordan Morris this year. He led the nation in goals with 15, and finished third in assists with 17. The guy knows how to be in the right place at the right time. He can score and create. Seems like a Papi guy to me.

Kyle Fisher, CB (Clemson) - Fisher might fall outside the top 10. He was one of the best defenders in the country. He would be much needed depth on FCD's back line.

You can watch the stream of the draft tomorrow at noon here.