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MLS Mock Draft 2016: Finding depth for FC Dallas

In the MLS Mock Draft, FC Dallas selected keeper Andrew Tarbell and midfielder Zach Mathers.

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone loves a good mock draft before the real thing right? Of course. I was asked over the weekend to participate in the annual SBNation Soccer mock draft for this year's MLS SuperDraft.

FC Dallas has the 17th pick in both the first and second round (37th overall). We did both rounds and from what I selected Generation adidas keeper Andrew Tarbell in the first round and midfielder Zach Mathers in the second.

Why these picks will happen: Going into Thursday's draft there are a few areas that have to be filled by Oscar Pareja and company. Getting Tarbell wasn't really a have to have him right now kind of pick but when he fell to 17, it seemed too good to pass up considering the fact that FCD needs a third keeper on the books and this guy is a GA player. His contract won't count against the salary cap, and what is always a good thing.

Mathers is an interesting option in the late second round. He comes from an ACC school in Duke, a conference FCD loves to draft out of here. He can play in multiple spots in the midfield at both the defensive midfield role or just in a center midfield role.

Why these picks may not happen: I'm not entirely sold on FCD taking a keeper this early in the draft. While I do see them snagging one at some point this week through the draft, I would be a tad shocked if they go this early in taking one. Secondly, I don't see them staying at 17 either. We know Fernando Clavijo loves to move around in the SuperDraft and if the club found someone that they absolutely love at the Combine, then they will move, make no mistake about that.

Personally, I was hoping to see someone else like a Tony Alfaro (CSU-Domingez Hills) or a Michael Salazar (UC-Riverside) fall to 17 when we were doing this draft. Both were taken right outside the top ten before things got to FCD.

The second round is going to be a crap shoot (so will the third or fourth). Mathers is a decent prospect from what I saw this past year in one or two games that I caught. I was really hoping to snag Patrick Hodan (Notre Dame) or Eric Verso (Stanford) when the second round pick came around.