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MLS Draft 2016: Recent History of the 17th Pick

What can Dallas and fans reasonably expect with the 17th pick?

After a pretty slow holiday season, the MLS season seems to be ramping up quite rapidly towards the 2016 campaign. We are just a few days away from the 2016 MLS SuperDraft and we'll be providing as much coverage and analysis as we can here for all things FC Dallas.

We've already covered tempering our expectations here and also what FC Dallas should be looking for in the draft here, so I'll be diving into more the recent history of what kind of player the 17th pick has historically provided for the team that was in that draft position and what we can expect from this year's draft. Obviously, not every draft provides the same type of players as some years' drafts provide far more depth (like this one) than others (2015), and each team that selected from the 17th position had different needs, so take this all with a grain of salt.

And just for the record, I'm going dating back to 2011 as it keeps the information within the first round. In 2010, the 17th pick was actually in the second round. I'm also pulling up stats for the time the player's officially been with the original team that drafted him and the time he was on the club roster. So in Bobby Warshaw's case, I'm listing him as two seasons with the club, because during his third official year, he was loaned out for the season.

So here's what we have seen in recent years:

2011 - Bobby Warshaw, FC Dallas


2012 - Enzo Martinez, Real Salt lake


2013 - Taylor Kemp, DC United


2014 - Schillo Tshuma, Portland Timbers


2015 - Miguel Aguilar, DC United


As you can see, with the exception of Taylor Kemp, this draft position isn't very favorable for any team to land a player they use immediately. There's still time for Miguel Aguilar and Schillo Tshuma to sort out their careers in MLS but there hasn't been a very long shelf life for players that fall this far down the draft.

Dallas does not need a starter out of this draft class but is probably looking for someone to develop over the course of the next two years.  The worst possible outcome could be last year's pick, Otis Earle who saw only a handful of minutes for Dallas in an Open Cup game and loaned out, before being cut. The best may be someone like Ryan Hollingshead, a player that be offered time to develop into a reliable, serviceable player that Oscar Pareja can get the maximum potential out of.