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Is FC Dallas going for Carlos Vela?

Was Fernando Clavijo in Spain last weekend to see Carlos Vela?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas Technical Director Fernando Clavijo was in Spain last weekend watching Rayo Vallecano play Real Sociedad, and possibly scouting Mexican star Carlos Vela.

How do we know this? Facebook. And you thought Facebook served no purpose anymore.

Clavijo tends to "Check-In" on Facebook when he travels, so it makes it fun to track him and speculate on what he's doing. Creepy, but we don't care. On January 3, he checked in at a hotel in Madrid, and later that day, he checked in at Campo de Futbol de Vallecas, otherwise known as Rayo Vallecano's stadium. Rayo Vallecano played one game that day against, you guessed it, Carlos Vela's Real Sociedad. So, was he scouting Vela or someone else? Let's talk.

I wouldn't get your hopes up, FCD fans. There have been reports back and forth saying Carlos Vela is open to a move to MLS, and then he isn't, and then he is, and then he definitely isn't coming to MLS. So maybe it's not Vela that Clavijo is after. Maybe it's someone else. If it isn't Vela, then who?

You can look at the lineups for both teams that day and guess. But, let's assume he's looking for that Designated Player forward everybody wants so badly and that it's someone that played in the actual game. That's more fun (plus it's a shorter list). So, that leaves you with Rayo Vallecano's Javi Guerra, Manucho, & Bebe, and Real Sociedad's Jonathas and Gonzalo Castro.

Javi Guerra is 33-years-old and signed for Rayo Vallecano on a two-year deal in August of 2015. Considering he's a little old for FCD and that he's not even done with his first of the contract, I don't think that's who Clavijo was looking at.

Manucho is 32 and has been with the club since 2014. He's definitely a possibility. The Angolan striker is big and could fill the role left behind by Blas Perez. But, is he the DP striker everyone wants? No. Is he the DP striker Clavijo wants?

This is where things get interesting. Bebe? Could it be Bebe? He's halfway through his one-year loan from Benfica and could be willing to make a move stateside. He's played in just 15 games this year and tallied only one goal. But maybe, just maybe he's the guy Clavijo has his eye on? Maybe Clavijo is comfortable with who we have now at forward until he can sign Bebe on loan in the summer?

Jonathas is good. He would be great here. Unfortunately, he just joined Real Sociedad and signed a five-year deal. So, rule him out.

If it wasn't Vela, here's who I think is the most likely Clavijo was looking at. Gonzalo "Chory" Castro. He's Uruguayan and more of a winger than forward. However, he just joined Malaga on January 6 on a multi-year deal.

So, what do you think? Was Clavijo actually looking at Carlos Vela? Was he looking at forwards or some other position? Or maybe someone that didn't even get into the game?  Let us know what you think.