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MLS Draft 2016: Defenders/Goalkeepers

As the 2016 MLS draft approaches, we take a look at the best defenders and goalkeepers.

Gary Rohman/MLS/USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 MLS Draft is days away. Who are the top defenders and goalkeepers available? Lets take a look.


1. Joshua Yaro

Yaro is a center back out of Georgetown who is predicted to go number one overall in the draft. A Generation Adidas signing, Chicago would be lucky to snag him.

2. Brandon Vincent

Vincent is a left back out of Stanford. In my opinion, he's already better than half of the fullbacks in MLS right now. He just received a call up to the USMNT January camp and has a long solid career ahead of him.

3. Keegan Rosenberry

The right back out of Georgetown is smart and great on the offensive side of the ball, pushing forward and delivering crosses.

4. Jonathan Campbell

The former North Carolina center back is big, athletic, and could possibly start from day one for some teams.

5. Zachary Carrol

Carrol is big, a former center back of Michigan State, and could provide great depth for teams needing help in that area.


1. Andrew Tarbell

Tarbell is a Generation Adidas signing out of Clemson. He will be a solid number two option who can be rotated in when the number one option is out.

2. Callum Irving

Irving is a great prospect out of the Vancouver Whitecaps' system. But, Vancouver is deep at the position, and that leaves him for another MLS team.