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View from the East: Yes, Yes, and Yes!

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FC Dallas visited Columbus, Ohio in a battle between east and west. while we were able to watch in the comfort of our homes.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

It was a very warm Sunday afternoon, outside was ridiculously hot while inside the air conditioning was pumping. We were watching this game at a friend's house with family as this was draft party time as well. So in between picking up Julio Jones in the 2nd round and grabbing some drinks, we sat down to watch FC Dallas go up against a tough opponent in the Columbus Crew.

Hard Going Early

Towards the beginning of the game I was not at all confident in what was going on. We had a bunch of kids out there that were on their heels almost the entire half. It looked like Papi wanted us to counter this game, which in hindsight was a good move. During the game though, it looked like the Crew were weak with all the starters they were missing on all fronts. Felt like we could've possessed more this game at the beginning of the half, but Papi should never be doubted with the full time score an example.

Speed Kills

FIFA 15 strategy going on in the attack. Just through ball it to a fast guy, let him run in and score. I'm totally ok with that. Watching Barrios fight off Michael Parkhurst (remember we wanted this guy?) and put it past Steve Clark was just so much fun to watch. Our watching party went nuts when that goal happened. Barrios, fighting off two players the Crew brought in from overseas leagues, putting it in to give us a 2 goal cushion.

FCD's next goal was just as nice to watch. Michael Barrios with a brilliant flick, real shame he couldn't finish that as it easily would've been nominated for GOTW. Of all the players on the team, David Texeira actually found the time to pick the ball up and launch a perfectly placed shot into the bottom of the net. That sealed it, and the 3 points were coming home in our pockets.

My most exciting player to watch this game was Barrios. Dude was a monster on the counter attack once we packed it in with Zimmerman coming on. The counter-attacking strategy was on point, and with Fabian Castillo gone, Barrios picked up the slack in a big way. Congrats and praise to the new guy for stepping up.

My fan quote of the night was not about the game, but want to share with y'all. "LA Galaxy are going to win the league, it's written in Gerrard's contract."