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FC Dallas vs Columbus Crew: Match Predictions

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Staff predicts points but can't agree on just how many are getting on the plane home.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports
Name Result FCD CLB Comments
Becky Chabot Draw 1 1
Ben Lyon Win 1 0 Columbus is forced into a tactical shift with their absences. FCD's squad rotation this year pays off with an organized and composed victory on the road.
Brian Wachholz Win 3 0 Tex scores a brace and maybe assists on the third goal which comes from an unlikely source. The Crew looks lost from the start.
Drew Epperley Draw 1 1 FCD on the road this year hasn't been pretty but neither team is able to muster up much over the other in a dreadful, foul-filled draw.
Jason Poon Win 2 1 This barely resembles a soccer game with both teams making mistakes everywhere. All three goals are own goals.
Jeremy Villanueva Draw 1 1 It won't be the most exciting game, but FC Dallas picks up a point on the road. Our goalscorer will be somebody who scores his first MLS career goal.
Mohammad Bushnaq Draw 2 2 This game has draw written all over it. 2-2 just for the sake of being different. Tex gets a goal. I say this every week, but I'm really hoping this will be the one.
Nathan Hill Draw 0 0 A point away isn't all bad as Jese Gonzales continues to gain confidence and maturity.
Ryan Scalon Win 1 0 With 8 of their starters gone and hopefully Diaz getting to play, I think this will be a nervy and awkward 0-1 win for FC Dallas
Scott Hiney Win 2 1 Something about games in Columbus always put me to sleep. That being said, FCD turns the tide after scoring a game-winner after the 75th.
Taylor Hester Draw 0 0 FCD ties 0-0 with Columbus. Both teams will be missing players and neither can rise above the other.