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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The end of another month is here as FC Dallas is prepping for the weekend.

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Seven months down in the season, one more to go.

// FC Dallas //

Lack of play for Hernandez is part of his growing process | Dallas Morning News

It seems so hard to believe but we haven't seen a ton of Moises Hernandez since May. International call ups were part of the story but so was some not-so-good play. But seriously, just 33 minutes since May. That seems like a massive drop off.

// MLS //

Context behind the 102-year old USOC |

Lots of people want to see the USOC become something more than what it is today. Hopefully a nationally televised game tonight will help spark that for some.

Sporting stays the course in reaching final again |

SKC looks to continue their recent run of success in the USOC while the Union just look to get some silverware to salvage their season like DCU did a couple years ago during their awful regular season.

What a win would mean tonight for the Union | The Brotherly Game

And more on the Union's side of things here in this piece. I guess a part of me is rooting for them.

Sounders and Dempsey close to full fitness | Sounder at Heart

Ugh. Just when we don't need a good team to be healthy, the Sounders are hitting their stride and are starting to close some gaps in the standings.

DPs thriving in MLS due to fitness |

The headlining players across MLS (DPs) were all big last weekend scoring 17 of the league's 32 goals. Not bad given the money spent on these players.

Cosmos' COO talks about antitrust and MLS | Empire of Soccer

Boy these are some serious allegations being thrown out here. More and more, folks defending the NASL seem like loonies while the rest of the US soccer world seems to sit back at shake their heads at them. Also, bringing up the talk about the stadium requirements and what not is a little silly. Sure 15k is a higher number than some can do but I see it as the US just has higher standards in general for things like this. Why play in a 8k stadium when a 15k looks so much better?

Joint Americas tournament bad for both sides |

From the minute this proposed tournament was introduced I thought it was a bad idea. Yes, the money is going to be there for it if it happens but considering the travel for everyone involved, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Rumors of a NASL team in LA seem exaggerated | The Goat Parade

Once again, talks of a team on the west coast for the NASL aren't likely to happen just yet.