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FC Dallas vs Columbus Crew: Squad Selection

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Is there even a point trying to guess this one?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's really hard to get excited for these types of games where both teams will be basically field their backups in nearly every possible position for this one. Why does MLS continue to play these games and not observe FIFA's international breaks? Because 'MURICA!

As of 9/3, FC Dallas has two player listed on the official injury report as questionable:

Mauro Diaz

Dan Kennedy

However, it appears that Mauro Diaz is day to day and they'll be making a last minute decision on whether to take the little magician to Ohio or not.

Also missing for the Hoops will be the following:

Tesho Akindele

Fabian Castillo

Blas Perez

Je-Vaughn Watson

Moises Hernandez

So what will you do? Continue to reward Jesse Gonzalez or give Chris Seitz a run for his patience and professionalism with this club? It appears that Danny Garcia is back in Dallas. Not sure if it was personal or if he was recalled, but he's also a potential to throw in the mix. Do you finally run Ezequiel Cirigliano out there? Give us your thoughts below.

You can see the results here.