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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, September 3, 2015

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The weekend is coming closer.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A FIFA weekend is nearly here as well as a long holiday weekend.

// FC Dallas //

September brings a lot of road trips | Big D Soccer

A little extra promo for some stuff we had up yesterday. FCD has three challenging road games and possibly a tricky home game on the menu for this month.

// MLS //

Beckham indicates Miami may be getting closer to a stadium deal | Sky Sports

It seems like Miami continues to slowly crawl towards a stadium deal. And if it is anything like the news previously reported, it won't be a great deal for the team with the Miami Marlins as their next door neighbor.

Five reasons to stop the 'Cassar out' chants | RSL Soapbox

I have to say that I am a little surprised that there are some RSL fans that want Jeff Cassar out as their manager right now. The team isn't that far away from a playoff spot and to be fair, their expectations going into this season should have been pretty low.

RBNY's new identity | Once a Metro

A pretty interesting look at how New York has really transformed itself over the last year or so.

Phoenix getting on the MLS train | Valley News

Another large market that is starting to explore the idea of wanting a MLS team. Just add them to the long list of cities that are lining up at the moment. While I like the idea of getting another dot on the map that helps fill in some holes, there is a lot that would have to be right about a bid in Arizona.

Haji Wright, the player who went to the Cosmos over MLS and Europe | The Guardian

I still find this kid fascinating that he went to a D2 team over signing a good HGP deal with LA and playing a mix of MLS and USL games this year. Even more interesting that he has actually spent time with the Cosmos' B team in the NPSL. Cosmo money must have been real good.

FIFAPro ponders eliminating transfer windows |

This story doesn't really mention MLS but it is one worth thinking about with the league. If transfer windows were to ever truly go away, what would that mean for the league?

// USMNT //

Gold Cup loss still stings |

I almost wrote 'stinks' instead of 'stings' when I was writing out the headline from this story. Both apply.

Klinsmann to start Guzan over Howard through Mexico game | Fox Sports

Well then. I know this ruffled some feathers yesterday but honestly I don't see an issue with using Guzan in goal over Howard. Its really starting to be time for Guzan to step into the starting role for good here.