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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Houston hate for the week begins to pick up today.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we found out that FC Dallas is just a couple of points away from a playoff berth. Hopefully that brightens up your morning a bit.

// FC Dallas //

Kings of Texas, six day countdown |

FCD is counting down the six days until Sunday with the six goals that the team has scored against Houston this year. Fun. This is a countdown I can support.

Academy remains unbeaten after first road test |

Following their national title run, the kids in the academy are back at it for another season. So far, so good for them too.

// MLS //

SKC bring home support for USOC final |

I often wonder what it will be like on a day that FCD can bring 800 fans to a road match that isn't Houston...or even SKC or Colorado for that matter. Still, this is really cool to hear that both SKC and Philly are going all out for this game tomorrow.

Fans should enjoy Drogba terrorizing MLS teams | Fusion

I still believe he would have looked better in a Dallas uniform.

The Fort debuts another amazing tifo | The Bent Musket

Wow. You have to tip your hat to the folks up in New England these days. Between the Jaws themed one a while back and this one, they are starting to hit their stride in the tifo department. Also, someone up there loves them some Steven Spielberg movies.

Gerrards' Champions League TV gig is bad for MLS | Yahoo Sports

I believe this one came out before our game in LA on Sunday but it is worth the read if you haven't already seen it. Some folks have asked me this summer if Steven Gerrard is the new David Beckham in MLS. I'm starting to see the similarities here with stuff like this.

Comparing wages in MLS and Serie A | Stat Hunting

I had every intention of adding this one yesterday but forgot. Our old pal Steve Fenn has some excellent work on wages and comparing them to other leagues. Very interesting discussion on how similar the two leagues are in spending. It is also rather sad knowing that FCD is at the very bottom of spending too.

New renderings of LAFC's stadium revealed | The Goat Parade

So we know the name, pretty much know the colors of this club and now we get another peak at the stadium. I love what I see out of this stadium rendering too. That is a stadium that will do well in this league.

What a 2022 World Cup will do to MLS | The Brotherly Game

While we don't know if the World Cup will actually stay in Qatar (my gut tells me it still gets moved), we do know that it will be played in November and December, which is right when MLS is wrapping things up on the year. I guess I would expect a lot of midweek games that year.