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View from the East: Could've Been Worse

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FC Dallas traveled west, leaving us to watch on the TV as they battled against MLS' darling franchise.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It was beautiful weather in Dallas, and also nice weather over in Los Angeles on Sunday night. A friend that went to the game said she was the only one in an FC Dallas shirt that she saw, which means our away support was at least a handful of people there representing. The LA Galaxy crowd looked pretty packed, but there were sections that made me question if it really was a sold out crowd, or if it was a 'Houston sell-out'. Either way, the stars were out, shield and playoff positioning on the line, and Mauro Diaz back from his sabbatical.

First 15 Minutes

If you take out the first 15 minutes, we would've won! Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. It works more like me throwing stuff in anger on my couch and yelling at the television screen as Keane slotted it in celebrating like he was the freaking God of thunder just summoned to earth. There was a lot of energy, but no sort of defending for the first two goals as the Galaxy put themselves ahead for good within the first quarter of an hour.

Stats and Scoreline are Flattering

Seriously. It says our GKs made the same amount of saves, double the corner kicks, and nearly equal amounts on shots and shots on goal. The Galaxy undeniably had the more deadly opportunities and made us pay by burying 3 of them. The crossbar made sure the scoreline was a little more respectable, thankfully.

The defending on the Galaxy's 3rd goal nearly caused me to turn the TV off. Especially when I saw the replay. Not sure if Akindele was defending, or just taking in the scene. Nobody attacked the ball. You'd think it had cooties. Absolutely abysmal defending on that corner to concede the winner. Figured it deserved a shout out due to how freaking poor it was.

My most exciting player to watch was not a player actually, it was the crossbar. Seriously kept this scoreline at a respectable level, and was there for our defense as it failed time and time again. We have to fix this awful defense before we're booted out first round of the playoffs.

Where did y'all watch the game at? Anyone drown their sorrows in alcohol this night? Or did you expect a loss going into the game? Let me know in the comments below!