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Workhorse of the Week vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

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FC Dallas marched into LA and... lost. Hey, we kind of expected that. Come inside anyway and vote for this week's Workhorse of the Week.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Victor Ulloa for winning last week's Workhorse of the Week. He won with 8 votes, out of a total of 21 cast. Yes, many of you stayed away from the poll after a dismal result against SKC.

How many of you will stay home this week?

I'm pretty much a pessimist. I think FC Dallas' roster is a work in progress. We have a jumble of pieces, some of which are pretty decent. In total though, they don't stack up against some of the more star studded outfits in this league. So, I tend to err on the side of expecting this team to do too little. Sometimes, I am wrong - sometimes, I am right.

This past weekend, I felt something stir in my bones. The optimist in me was winning a grudge match against the pessimist. FC Dallas was going to win. Maybe it was the change in seasons or the rustle of leaves beginning to fall. Whatever it was, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

If not for our friendly crossbar, FC Dallas might have given up 4-6 goals.

LA did what they are good at doing at home - dismantle their opponents. Within the first 20 minutes, FC Dallas had lost this game. Their makeshift defense, Hedges included, was exposed pretty soundly. Everyone made mistakes bottling up Dos Santos, Keane, and Gerrard. On one hand, this is what LA does. On the other, FC Dallas was beginning to look full strength after an injury plagued summer.

Were there bright spots? That's for you to decide. You can take some heart that FCD fought to the end, but at this point in the season, you need points, not heart.

Cast your vote below, so I can stop rambling.

This Week's Strong Recommendations

Michael Barrios

Michael's goal was pure hustle. I like this guy, even if he probably doesn't belong on the same pitch as Keane, Gerrard, and Dos Santos.

Mauro Diaz

You could vote for Mauro. He didn't go the full 90, and he got beaten off the ball a few times. He wasn't perfect, but it was a nice performance after missing a bunch of games.