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Big D Daily: News for Friday, September 25, 2015

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FCD heads to California this weekend.

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

We are finally at the end of the week and almost at the end of another month here as FC Dallas continues to prep for Sunday's game.

// FC Dallas //

Keys to Sunday's match |

The folks at FCD give us their take on what the club needs to do this weekend in Carson to get three points.

Perez becoming more of a leader as playing time decreases |

Blas Perez is the only player (that we know of at the moment) who's contract is running out at the end of the season. We explored the thought yesterday of his time running out here in Frisco but here is more on how he is being a leader in the locker room for this young club.

Jesus Ferreira earns high praise at the FCD academy |

I've told a few people this recently but don't be shocked if David Ferreira's son Jesus is one of the next couple HGPs signed by this club.

// MLS //

Patience paying off for New England's young core |

The Revs are peaking once again at the right time this season and a large part of that is due to how well their young group of players have been stepping up over the last month and a half.

Expansion concerns are not applicable to Atlanta | Dirty South Soccer

First off, a big welcome to the newest MLS blog on our network. Dirty South will cover all things Atlanta soccer from here on out. But back to the link for a moment, AUFC (I think I can live with that acronym) has had plenty of off the field success so far with season ticket sales, stadium being what it is and front office moves. Atlanta is a lot like Dallas though, they want winners, so how will they fare with an expansion team is going to be interesting to watch.

Chris Rolfe agrees to contract extension | Black and Red United

One of the more underrated players in the league this year gets some extra cash going forward. Good move by all parties involved.

Sounders FC Alliance meeting set for November | Sounder at Heart

This is one of those unique things that the Sounders started doing from day one and I have to say I love hearing about things like this out of the clubs in this league. As much as I would like FCD to do something like this, I can only imagine the chaos it would be this year.

Arena: Gerrard can learn to coach if he stays in the US |

Interesting comments from The Bruce.

MLS player hits a free kick so bad it looks like a video game glitch |

And finally, something to give you a chuckle to begin your Friday.