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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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The middle of the week is here as FCD looks to get ready for LA.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We are slowly moving towards the weekend here. Tonight we'll have the USOC final along with a couple midweek games.

// FC Dallas //

Clavijo lobbying countries not to call FCD players for international friendlies in October | Dallas Morning News

We all have to hope some sort of lobbying will for from Fernando Clavijo here. According to this piece, only Fabian Castillo stands to actually play in meaningful matches if he gets another call from Colombia.

Castillo dreaming sweet dreams |

Really awesome news yesterday that saw Castillo land at the top of the league's 24 Under 24 list. This is a fantastic article on the young Colombian winger. It is worth the time to read if you haven't already.

Reimagining one of Castillo's magical runs |

I may have watched the Castillo run against Colorado a couple dozen times already this year but this was a cool way to view it too.

24 facts about Kellyn Acosta |

Acosta was named the to the 14th spot in this year's 24 Under 24 list. Time to break out the did you know about the Plano native.

Zendejas and two academy players earn call to U17 camp |

Two FCD academy players could end up on this year's U17 World Cup roster with Alex Zendejas (who seems like a lock for the roster at this point). Awesome news.

// MLS //

Is Giovinco having the best season in league history? |

If we are going on pure goals and assists...maybe so. I still think he needs to drive his club into a good playoff spot first.

LAFC may not start play until 2019 | The Goat Parade

Wait, what? Yeah. That blows for some people as I really don't know how you market a club that won't begin playing for another four years here.

United comes from behind to earn draw in final CCL game | Black and Red United

Down 3-0, DCU climbed their way back to a 3-3 draw last night in Jamaica.

Salaries of the newest Sounders revealed | Sounder at Heart

No other club spent the same way that Seattle did this summer as the latest round of salary information was revealed yesterday afternoon. Seattle basically has five players earning DP money.

Yallop's exit was inevitable |

What feels like a daily discussion on ESPNFC this week, here is even more on the exit of Frank Yallop in Chicago.

MLS helping improve US and CONCACAF teams |

We saw how Jamaica at the Gold Cup was filled with MLSers on their roster. It is only going to get better for countries like that as MLS continues to expand.