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MLS Fantasy Manager: Round 30

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Two games kick of Round 30 tonight.

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With 5 rounds left, you're running out of time to move up the board. Mrodz+United leads the BigDSoccer group, but anyone in the Top 5 can still catch him. On with the show!

FC Dallas:

FC Dallas dropped a tough 3-1 loss at Sporting Kansas City marking the last time they play on a Friday this year. FCD came out pressing for the first 20 minutes but could not find the opener. It was around this time that Spork found their way in the game, and the Blue Hell was seemingly endless after that.

FC Dallas finishes their 2 game road trip with at least an equally difficult road trip to Los Angeles Galaxy, who are no doubt smarting after getting thumped by RSL 3-0. FC Dallas hasn't won in Carson since 2010, and Galaxy have been goal-scoring machines at home outside of a recent 0-0 draw.

Making matters worse for the road team in the 'Supplement Cup', they'll probably have to make due again without Kellyn Acosta who is battling a groin injury. On the plus side, it looks like we'll at least see the return of Mauro Diaz this week, although it remains to be seen if it will be as a starter or off the bench.

Adds: Ugh. I'm actually going to this game, and I fear the blowout. That's not to say I expect it, but I do fear it. They haven't had their West Coast smash and grab yet this year though, and FCD seems like they're good for one every year so maybe this is the week? If you've got to have an FCD player man, go with Fabian Castillo ($10.8)

Drops:- Jesse Gonzalez G ($4.2)- The kid's played great, but I have a feeling Dan Kennedy ($4.9) is back between the pipes this week, and you probably have better options.


You've got 4 teams (Montreal, Chicago, Sporting Kansas City, and Houston) playing 2 games this week. I'm not jazzed about Chicago at all. They just shut down 2 players, fired their coach, and have 2 road games in Canada. If you're heavy Montreal and Toronto, you're probably set up pretty well. Spork looked good with their backs against the wall last week, but they'll be playing their 4th game in 20 days, then their 5th game in 24 days, and then they have the US Open Cup final and another league game next week. Add at your own peril.

Picks to Click:

Laurent Ciman D (7.2) and Didier Drogba ($10.4)- Ciman will play both games this week and will get you bonus points if the clean sheets don't happen. He'll play both games and is probably pretty well rested given his recent suspension. Drogba's been an absolute monster at Stade Saputo. He's a great swap for Bradley Wright-Phillips this week.

Brad Davis M ($10.5) and Tyler Deric G ($5.0)- Houston's desperate, and although you'd think a desperate team might put out something better than a 2-0 loss to Philadelphia, it was a road game. They've got a home game against a sore team (SKC) and a dead team (COL) so it's now or never. Davis is averaging 8.3 over his last 5, so there's that.

Full Disclosure:

I'll be posting my lineup at about 6 pm CDT to see how the DGW teams line up.I'll tell you right now that my selection will definitely 'Impact' you.

Update: No Piatti, so Bradinho it is.  Cappin' Ciman dammit!!!!