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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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FCD is back in training as they prep for LA.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Another big weekend is ahead of us as FC Dallas gets ready to take on LA.

// FC Dallas //

Deeper look at the 2016 season ticket prices | Dallas Morning News

Now that all of the pricing is out for season tickets, here is an excellent look at what it means and what it looks like in comparison to the past. Lets just say this is some very important data to take in.

// MLS //

LA's goal for a holistic academy |

There is a ton of material coming out in the next day or so with the 24 Under 24 list being revealed. This first piece from that on the LA academy is certainly worth the time to take in and read.

Ex-pros are building MLS's future players |

Lots of good comments in this one, including some from the FCD side of things in how they approach their academy.

Cubo Torres and the 2015 season | Dynamo Theory

Our rivals down in Houston have had a rather interesting season this year. Basically for now, the addition of Torres has been anything but that for the Dynamo. The last bit of this piece talks about how fans are wondering if Torres is the second coming of Luis Landin. Yikes.

Garber visits St. Paul site for Minnesota, other expansion notes |

Boy, this one is a lot to take in as well but worth the time. Lots of expansion news from both MLS, NASL and USL. No mention of a FCD USL team either, which at this point isn't looking good. But on the MLS side of things there are some expansion talks of San Antonio and Austin again. So there is that.

Should DCU keep Perry Kitchen | Black and Red United

DCU has had an interesting year as well in 2015 and now the folks up there are pondering what could be to come of their roster. I'll say this, I'd take Kitchen here if FCD didn't have guys like Victor Ulloa, Kellyn Acosta and Ezequiel Cirgliano.

If Giovinco isn't the MVP, then who is? |

MVP talks are starting to really heat up in the final weeks here. Sebastian Giovinco has cooled off in recent weeks but has anyone been able to pass him lately? Maybe Kei Kamara. Maybe.

Galaxy flirting with road play-in game in post season | LAG Confidential kind of doubt this is going to happen to LA but I did see that LA is on the road this week for the CCL, so hopefully they'll be too gassed for Sunday's game.