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View from the East: Rough Match

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Boy, that one was a hard one to take even from back here in Dallas.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It was a fairly hot day in Dallas, once again it was time for TV and drinks to enjoy watching our favorite team try and get something on the road. Taking on Sporting KC is never easy for FC Dallas, with no wins there since 2011. One point would be an achievement for this team going into this game, as I couldn't even picture them winning in Kansas City. Coming off a 3 game win streak, the team had confidence in bundles to take on a stumbling Kansas City. Maybe there would finally be a win on the cards for FC Dallas?

First Half

5 at the back made for a boring first half. It looked like the formation caught SKC off guard, as the teams exchanged awkward blows with no real rhythm. The whole first half really wasn't fun to watch, and I'll admit, I changed the channel a couple times to check the scores on some of the random college football games on. I stayed to watch an awesome reaction save from Jesse there at the end to keep it 0-0 going into the half though!

Second Half

FC Dallas definitely attacked a little more this half, but Sporting Kansas City got some better looks, and definitely finished their chances. It looked like FC Dallas was trying to play the counter with Castillo and Barrios up top to try and kill them with speed. However it didn't work, with some runs by Castillo and Barrios but nothing really materializing. Ulloa's goal was a glimmer of hope, but it was snuffed out just as quick as it came.

The most exciting player of the game for me was definitely Jesse Gonzalez. 6 saves on the night with multiple point blank reaction saves made the scoreline stay respectable. It was an awesome performance from our young goalkeeper, whom by the way has had to face a penalty every game he's played so far.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "Wtf is that line up?" - my cousin upon seeing our starting XI.

Where did everyone watch the game? Did anyone else expect a win from this one? Who thought our starting XI was a little confounding and maybe too conservative? Let me know in the comments below!