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Big D Daily: News for Friday, September 18, 2015

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FCD heads to KC tonight for a massive battle.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It is game day around these parts as FC Dallas is getting ready to take on Sporting KC tonight.

// FC Dallas //

Keys to the match |

The Dallas digital crew give us their three big things to look out for tonight as FCD takes on SKC.

Castillo's Colombia call proves that the world is watching MLS |

Oscar Pareja sounds like a proud papa when he talks about Fabian Castillo earning the call from Colombia. But he has a big point here in that everyone is watching MLS around the globe now.

// MLS //

Academies, college soccer, and other new paths for young talent |

Some interesting thoughts on where things are going in MLS teams bringing in young players. The college draft isn't going away anytime soon but I really hope MLS opts to remove the 'super' from the word draft before long. The draft hasn't been so super for a long time.

Pablo is coming back in 2016 | Burgundy Wave

Colorado fans don't seem too pleased by this news but in some way I am kind of happy to see the Colorado brass give Pablo Mastroeni another year to figure this out. Not many places give a bad coach that long. I still bet he gets canned by next May.

Steve Clark's struggles show up for Columbus | Massive Report

We saw this a couple weeks ago when FCD put three on Columbus. Steve Clark is a decent keeper but I don't think he is one that can carry that Crew side through the playoffs and to a MLS Cup.

Can replay work in soccer? MLS thinks so | The Guardian

MLS is wise in my opinion to get out there in front of the whole technology in soccer thing.

Season ticket renewal aren't going well for the Fire | Hot Time In Old Town

As much as the price hikes in Dallas have annoyed you all, at least it isn't as bad as things are in Chicago.

LAFC still asking fans for input on colors | The Goat Parade

The club expects to be black, red, gold and silver according to one tweet in this article yet they are still asking fans for their thoughts. Nothing like a marketing ploy to get fans...interested?

NASL officials and teams shed light on league's future | WRAL

I meant to post this one yesterday morning but forgot. Still, if you haven't read this one (and it is a bit long), do so. There are a lot of good quotes grabbed in this piece that really show you where the NASL is going and why they are doing what they are doing.